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Task 1.

1. The death penalty under the Russian Truth.

A. Death penalty.

V. Servitude.

C. Life imprisonment.

D. Confiscation and extradition (with his family) into slavery.

2. What is the Prince of Kiev, lowered usury?

A. Sviatopolk.

B. Ivan Kalita.

St. Vladimir Monomakh.

D. St. Vladimir.

3. Strong Russian principality in the XII - XIII centuries.

A Moscow.

Vladimir Vladimir - Suzdal.

S. Novgorod.

D. Kiev.

4. What was the name the ancient code of Russian law, the text of which has not reached us?

A Russian law

B. True Yaroslav.

C. True Yaroslav.

D. The Council's Code of.

5. Crimes against religion for a long time under the jurisdiction of the church. What

the document for the first time in the history of Russian law these crimes included in the codification of the secular?

A Grand-Ducal of Law.

B. Stoglav.

C. The Council's Code of.

D. Law in 1550

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