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Collection of tasks on the subject "Civil Procedure"

Task 1

Question 1. What is included in the concept of "form of the civil rights"?

1) recognition of the right

2) restoration of the situation that existed before the violation of rights

3) recognition of avoidable transaction as invalid

4) annulment of the act of the state body or local authority

5) all of the above

Question 2. What are the concepts related to "forms of the exercise of civil rights."

1) compensation for moral damages

2) recover damages

3) recovery of damages

4) The right of self-defense

5) all of the above

Question 3. What action does not include the concept of "trial stage"?

1) a civil case

2) preparation of a civil case for trial

3) bends

4) The cassation

5) trial

Question 4. How many basic types of proceedings provides a valid GIC RF?

1) two.

2) Three

3) Four

4) Five

5) Six

Question 5. What acts do not apply to the sources of civil procedural law?

1) The Constitution of the Russian Federation

2) works of scientists' protsessualistov "

3) Code of Civil Procedure

4) The Law "On Protection of Consumers' Rights

5) listed in items 1 and 3

24 assignments for 5 questions
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