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Task 1.

1. An indication of the method of administrative legal regulation is:

A. Execution

B. Compliance

B. Use

G. Discussion

D. Proof

2. The basis of a legally authoritative content and don'ts is:

A. Determination of rights of subjects of administrative relations

B. Determination of the administrative responsibilities of legal entities

V. Regulation of creative activity of executive power

G. Type of power

D. There is no right answer

3. what is permitted is an action ...

A. Perspective

B. Immediate

V. Retroactive

G. Direct

D. There is no right answer

4. Administrative law is based on the functions:

A. Theoretical

B. Application

B. foster care

G. Cognitive

D. Fiscal

5. The principles of administrative law are:

A. Consistency

B. Methodology Administration (perhaps this option)

B. The scientific

G. Complexity

D. All of the above

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