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Description: Intrusion 2 - action-platformer with beautiful procedural animation and physics action! The first part of the hero makes an emergency landing on an abandoned, officially "uninhabited" planet. Immediately after the landing of his encounters hostile soldiers Corporation Teochrome ... crazy arcade game reminiscent of a series of Metal Slug, and the study of the environment and the possibilities of physical engine - Cortex Command ..
Gift it is impossible to give and add to itself in an inventory, only activating on the account.
game (Gift / link) activation is added directly to the library, in the inventory can not be put off ...
Activation link Humble Bundle
If not installed Steam client, download and install it -
• Log in to your Steam account, or register a new one if you have not already have it.
• obtained after the payment link, you must insert into your Internet browser, then go for it.
• Press the "Steam" (It is under the name of the game!).
• Go to the link: "connect to Steam!" and log in to Steam.
(If you have a link that says: "redeemed to this account", then you´re already logged into Steam and the game was added to your profile!)
• The game will be activated on your account Steam, and also appear in the list of games and you can download it.
• Start the game you will be able to immediately after installation.

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Все отлично, спасибо. :)

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