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Richard Thompson, exploring one of the most remarkable literary works ever created by mankind -

Vedas proves that a collision with a significantly ahead of us in the technological development of civilization, which is experiencing the present - is, without a doubt, but a continuation of a very, very ancient process. The book challenges the lightness opinion that the modern UFO reports are something new and unprecedented, because it shows that many of the performance characteristics and even the appearance of aircraft - Wyman described in the Vedic literature, have parallels with contemporary descriptions UFO. Most notably in the ancient descriptions of what they have taken from the cultural context that is clearly separated by many generations from any kind of flight with the power engines. In this sense, they are the least productive acts stunningly original imagination. In ancient literature, there are no other such examples where there would be so described in detail the tools and technologies wherever discussed in such detail flight with engine power. The most well-known (outside of Vedic culture) the myth of flying is very typical for this genre: Greek hero Icarus approached the sun on wings like a bird, made of feathers and wax. In other words, an imaginary vehicle flight has close parallels with the observable world.
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