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They want to cure you?

What am I doing?

And I'm on the logic that actually there is nothing to do at all. And this is no joke. This is consistent conclusiveness of your hand at virtually almost all of you cure. Yes, almost everything. Just to more serious problems require more time and richer tools. But more important to stop the problem at the beginning of what then heroically surgically cut what does not work anymore. And surgery is not always necessary.

Begins ... .skazhite you.

No. This is just the beginning))))))

Here are your own answer to the question - "What do all the people, when they feel a sudden pain in the body?".

Well, if you say something I did for you otvechu- Pull hands to this place and try to cover up his hand. And where is the logic? What? Why cover the palm? Huh? And while I will not say.)

Next. It's nice when you hug or pat gently? I mean the women. And about women, when you tozhe- friendly pat on the shoulder with his hand? Or, for example, when you're mom stroked on the head? Or why children easily fall asleep in his arms? Note not only warm, namely hands.

The answer for me is simple:

All people can pass on their heat through the palms of your hands!

And not just to transfer and treat that which requires assistance. Because we pull a sore arm! To help yourself warm hands!

You did not know? They knew but have forgotten. Therefore pull the hand, and then what do not remember. They lost because they do not use and do not use because you have forgotten.

What used, develops. All tablets only alienates us from this skill, pledged to our birth in us.

Let us return to our hands ... and how they can, unlike you, treat. Let me remind you how it's done. And also offer some proven techniques from my practice already rich. Well, you would not be very painfully remembered.)))) It is not written that this skill can completely replace medicines. But most of them for sure.) And of course, without fanaticism, and how the saying goes, "good" in the measure.

All of the personal experience of recovery and helping others)
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