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Incredipede - an unusual puzzle game where you build limbs unusual creature called Quozzle, to help him save his sister from enemy captivity!

The essence of the game is that you have a creature - Quozzle, looks like a ball with one eye, but the ball can be made to move, "grow" his limbs. To limbs began to move, but still in the right direction, they need to properly attach the muscles. Transforming creature this way, it can make not only walk, but also to crawl, climb, jump and soar.

The game has 60 levels across three worlds, and it´s worth noting, despite the fact that the team is not large, they were able to wrap up an interesting idea in an attractive schedule, making a quality product. Also in the game has a level editor that can be shared with other gamers and create for their Challenge.

 This beautifully decorated game will offer you to design of the muscles and bones of something that can get to the end of the map, while collecting as many bonuses.
 About 60 levels.
 Three hand-drawn world.
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