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If you do not find a ready-made, desired job in English, write in the message. Is a quality and cost of dumping.

II. Put proposals require time.

1. Listen! Anna sings in the next room. She sings very well. They are studying at the Conservatory for 3 years.

2. What do you write? - I'm writing a letter to his sister. We often write letters to each other. She is now working on his book. She's working on it for several months.

3. What are you currently doing? I translate an article about the life of Shakespeare. In my opinion, you translate it for a long time. Yes, this article is a pretty chest. I translate it for several days. I have translated 30 pages. - But you usually translate from English into Russian rather quickly. - Yes, and on this article I have been working since Tuesday.

4. A friend of mine has been in the library every day. Now he says there is a report. He's working on it for a week. He has written 10 pages.

5. What do you usually do in the evening? I usually do my homework, I read, I sometimes watch programs on TV. And now I'm writing a report. I worked on it a half hour.

III. Open brackets, using the verbs in the right time and translate the text:


It (happen) many years ago. I (be) in India. I (hunt) there. Once I (spend) the whole day in the jungle. It (get) completely dark when I (decide) to return to my camp. I (walk) along a narrow path. Strange sounds (hear) everywhere. On my right there (be) a river and on my left there (be) a thick tropical forest.

Suddenly I (see) something terrible in the jungle on my left. Two green eyes (look) at me. It (be) a man-eating tiger, ready to spring on me.

I (know) that if I (start) to run the tiger (catch) me easily. As I could swim well I (make up) my mind to escape that way. I (look) at the river on my right. There in the river (be) a huge crocodile. It (wait) for me with open jaws.

I (faint). A moment later I (jump) to my feet again. What do you think I (see)? The tiger (be) in the jaws of the crocodile.

Five years (pass) since that time but I (remember, still) every moment of that terrible night.

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