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1. Correlate the meanings of words and phrases in the right column of data, with their English equivalents given in the left column.

1. local government a. City manager

2. city manager b. authorized representative

3. mayor-council c. autonomous regions

4. set policy d. State Legislature

5. an executive officer e. Council under the mayor and city council

6. commissioner f. Law Enforcement; law enforcement

7. State Legislature g. local authority

8. law enforcement h. Councillor, Member of the Board

9. autonomous bodies i. executive officer

10. councillor j. determine policy

2. Read the text of the Regional Ministers and fill in the blanks in the text of words and expressions, the data in the frame.

appoints; coordinate; approval; central government; improve; effective delivery; political system; parliamentary debates; voice; regional interests; responsible


There are nine regional Government Offices in England providing "__1__ in the regions", implementing a wide range of policies on behalf of 11 Whitehall Departments. There are also nine Regional Development Agencies (RDAs). RDAs drive and __2__ regional economic development and regeneration. Their aim is to __3__ their relative competitiveness and reduce imbalances within and between regions.

The Prime Minister __4__ Ministers for the English regions. Regional Ministers are __5__ for providing a clear sense of strategic direction for their region. Regional Ministers also give citizens a __6__ in central government, ensuring that government policy __7__ of the differing needs of the nine English regions. Regional Ministers will make central government more visible in the regions, helping to raise its profile and generate awareness of the __8 __....

3. Read the text Forms of Local Government of the USA and translated into English words and expressions in parentheses.


While (1. mayors) and city managers often develop and propose policies, their basic (2. authority) is to carry out the council's directives and to implement the policy adopted by councils. Commissioners serve both (3. legislative) and (4. executive) roles. The relationship of the executive to the legislative (5. Authority) varies by form of (6. local government).

Mayor-Council Form of Government. (7. Policy and Administration) are separated. All legislative and policy-making powers are (8. vested) in the city council. Administrative authority is vested in a directly elected mayor or county executive. Mayors in second class mayor-council and code mayor-council cities may (9. veto) ordinances but the mayor's veto can be overruled by ...

4. Read the text The Local Policy-making Process. Fill in the blanks on the best sense of the word right, transformed it with a prefix or suffix.

Policy-making is often undervalued and ___1___, yet it is the UNDERSTAND

central role of the city, town, and county __2__ bodies. LEGAL

The policies created by the local __3__ affect everyone in GOVERN

the community in some way.

__4__ Council members of cities, towns, and counties have ELECT
5. Read the text of the US City Government, and select the appropriate word or phrase.

US City Government

Local governments of the USA generally include two tiers: __1__, also known as boroughs in Alaska and parishes in Louisiana, and municipalities, or cities / towns. In some states, counties __2__ into townships. Municipalities __3__ in many ways, as defined by state constitutions, and __4__, variously, townships, villages, boroughs, cities, or towns.

Once predominantly rural, the United States __5__ today a highly urbanized country, and about 80 percent of its citizens now __6__ in towns, large cities, or suburbs of cities. This __7__ city governments very important. ...

6. Choose the right within the meaning of the modal verb. Some offers several options.

1. To gain respect, leaders (1. should) be ethical. 2. The degree of success of the public administration (2.mozhet) be defined in numerous ways. 3. The Governor (3.Can) remove certain local officials, particularly those concerned with law enforcement. ...

7. Build a proposal from the following words.

1 Elected mayor / by / is / the / headed / London Authority. 2. The UK / a variety of / with different functions and responsibilities / divided / different types / is / of Local Authorities / into. 3. Has / each of / a separate system / the four countries / of local government / of the United Kingdom. 4. Local government / on 1 April / came into / the new system / of / force / 1974. 5. At the heart / leadership / is / of local government's new / role. ...

8. Read the sentences, get them complex addition or complex subject, emphasize design, translate proposals into Russian.

1. I heard England have two different patterns of local government in use. 2. Most councils in Great Britain seem to be using the council leader and cabinet option ....

9. Read the text of the Local Government. Determine which of the following statements is true of the text (T) or false (F). Note the answers.


The Government aims to make localism real by delegating power to the lowest appropriate level. Local authorities have a crucial part to play in this, both in carrying out responsibilities delegated from central government, and in devolving power further where possible.

Local authorities are independently elected and autonomous bodies. They are largely independent of central government and are directly accountable to their electorates. Their powers conferred on them by Acts of Parliament. Some powers are given to all local authorities, and some only to specific types such as district councils

1) Local authorities play an insufficient role to make localism real. 2) Local authorities carry out responsibilities delegated from central Government, and devolve power further where possible. 3) The powers conferred on local authorities by Acts of Parliament are given to district councils ....

10. Read the text of the Central and Local Government in the United Kingdom, restore the order of words in matters of data after the text, write down the questions and answer them in writing.



Some countries, such as the USA and Canada, are federal. They are made up of a number of states, each of which has its own government with its own powers to make laws and collect taxes. In these countries the central government have power only because the states have given them powers. In Britain it is the other way around. Local government authorities (generally known as 'councils')

1) Why / power / British / do / local / have / government / authorities? 2) What / does / local action / control / over / central government / exercise? 3) What / change / has / to / radical / led / not? 4) What / 'council tax' / is / a? 5) Why / the system of / local government / is / the system of / very / to / similar / national government? 6) Where / manage / local / do / councils? 7) The national
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