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Examination number 6

1. Expand the brackets.

1. Will you have (some, any, no) tea? - No, thanks. I'd prefer two (ice-cream).

2. He shook hands and had a few minutes talk with (each, everybody) of us.

3. I (lose) my fountain-pen. I must buy (other, another, the other) one.

4. This company (sell) television equipment and (other, others, another) goods.

5. There were two students in the classroom. One of them was reading a book, (other, another, the other) was writing (something, anything).

6. You ... come and see us sometimes.

7. You ... read the whole book but you ... read the first four chapters.

8. ... you often ... to stay at the University after classes last year? -Yes, We ...

9. Excuse me, ... you tell me the shortest way to the station?

10. He is very upset. I think you ... apologize.

11. The students ... smoke in the study rooms and the corridors.

12. I do not think people ... get married until they are 21.

13. It ... rain, so I'll take my umbrella (though I'm not sure in it at all).

14. I ... have my hair cut.

15. You ... use my dictionary for the test if you want. (2 verbs)

16. We ... start yesterday (this was the plan); but the flight (cancel) because of the fog, so we are still here, as you see. (Must (not), can (not,) may (might), be able to, be to, need not, have to, could, should)

Use Passive Constructions:

17. People will talk much about the successful debut of the young actress.

18. You should send the sick man to hospital.

19. Why did they laugh at him?

20. You can always rely on her.

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