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In the base 85 of the region (Table regions). These include 159,590 settlements (Table cities), ranging from small villages, ending Moscow. Each locality type is specified. You can filter the cities, towns and villages. 316 to 1073 cities available area (table districts). For 1104 cities available 232254 streets (Table streets), and for the 7 cities - 295 metro stations (Table metro).

This is definitely the best base through the streets and districts of cities in Russia. Ideal for real estate portals and in general for any sites where critical division of the city into districts, the presence of streets, as well as binding to the streets areas.

Format - database MySQL. After buying russia.sql get the file to the database. Just can not do for you any sample in CSV (opens in Excel). After purchase, you can contact me and request to export data to CSV in any form. This is already included in the price.
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Не мог оплатить, автор оперативно отозвался, поправил ссылку. Продукт получил. Благодарю.
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отличная база, в своем регионе ошибок не нашли. Продавец быстро ответил на все вопросы.
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Большое спасибо!
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Такой отличной базы нигде больше нет, сторонние веб-сервисы, которые собирают данные о магазинах, уже в прошлом!