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Exercise 14.

6. The plus and minus signs must be selected for each of these equations.

7. In the future, we must reject these assumptions.

8. Another order of procedure would be to list all the known geometric facts.

10. Now we will try to do everything that depends on us.

11. Some progress has been made in addressing the four colors, it is not reassuring.

15. This was due to noise.

16. intuitive conclusions based on direct observations can not always be relied upon, for they are often misleading.

17. The fact that they were unable to obtain satisfactory results in the latter case, the test schedule is not explained.

21. The fundamental purpose of analyzing systems is not the solution to problems, and their production.

23. They must pay due attention to data accuracy.

24. This, it seems, the main changes in the administrative structure will have very little practical value.

28. All that is perceived (by you), you can find (there) in nature.

29. The components of the functional diagram are interconnected logic modules.

30. The strategies that exist in this dynamic situation, usually a complicated function of information received and actions taken in the previous stages.

31. A criterion would be to first consider tests covering cases with the least amount of disruption.

Exercise 14. The functions of the verb to be (Topic 16, § 2-3)

1. Laughter is the best medicine.

2. The golden age was never the present age.

3. I was never less alone than when by myself (E. Gibbon).

4. The above formula is for a column operating under total reflux.

5. Some advantage in detector sensitivity is to be gained by working at low outlet pressures.

6. The truth of Joule's discovery is to be found in everyday life.

7. The geologist's first task is to locate geological conditions suitable for the existence of oil.

8. Two urns filled with coloured balls are before you.

9. In the history of scientific discovery an effect is commonly known before its cause.

10. It is of no practical importance whether this pathway exists in physical or logical space.

11. In this case the transition metals are of obvious interest.

12. The main component of a decision problem is the model.

13. In a complex system the computer calculations required for complete design are demanding.

14. The system's efficiency for large design is due to its use of hierarchy.

15. An example is digitized voice transmission.

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