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Ckompilirovanny version of Gangster Tattoo Encyclopedia contains visual images of tattoos with the notes, deciphering and explaining who they meet.

Product tattoos is huge and the tens of thousands. To understand the "Purple", you need to learn it for decades, and even learn how to "speak" to him. This material can give only a general idea about the nature and classification of tattoos. It has used the material studied, became public. This is not a guide to the expanses of the thieves, although most tattoos given to "remove" it from blatarey. They may stop someone from priblatnennogo stigma that can cost the health, and even life.

Contents of the document:



Common tattoos

Common Tattoo 2

Common Tattoo 3

Common Tattoo 4

Common tattoos 5

Common tattoos 6

Violent tattoos

Tattoos sex minorities

Stars camp authorities


Rings 2

Rings 3

Tattoos, abbreviations

Tattoos on feet

Text tattoos

Subclavian tattoos thieves

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