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Solution of the D8 Option 33 - termehu of Targa SM 1989. Conditions to the problem dynamics 8 (page 78): Vertical shaft AK (fig. D8.0 - D8.9), rotating at a constant angular velocity omega = 10 s-1, is fixed at A thrust bearing and cylindrical roller bearings in the position described in Table. D8 in column 2 (AB = BD = DE = EC = a). Fixedly attached to the shaft of the broken thin uniform rod with a mass m = 10 kg, consisting of parts 1 and 2 (the size of parts of the rod shown, where b = 0,1 m, and their masses m1 and m2 are proportional to the length), and weightless rod length l = 4b with dotted m3 = mass of 3 kg at the end; both bars lie in one plane. Fastening points are indicated in Table rods in columns 3 and 4, and the angles alpha, beta, sigma phi given in columns 5-8. Neglecting the weight of the shaft, determine the reaction of the thrust bearing and the bearing. If calculations take a = 0.6 m.
After payment you will receive a link to download the solution D8 Option 33 (Figure 3 corresponds to condition 3) on the theoretical mechanics of Reshebnik Targ SM 1989 for part-time students of engineering, construction, transport, instrument-specialties of higher education. The problem is framed in the format word, is added to the archive zip.

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