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Lyndon LaRouche - American economist and politician, had won his scientific work and public activity against major thinker of our time, an uncompromising scholar, a gifted orator and teacher of world renown. This book contains the results of his many years of research in the field he created a new branch of science - the science of physical economy. The author summarizes and develops the most important provisions laid down earlier in numerous writings and speeches, including those published in Russian his tutorial "You really want to know everything about the economy?" And other publications in the Bulletin of the Schiller Institute of Science and Culture in Moscow. Based on a wide range of good-quality research of primary sources, as well as the works of Russian scientists - Mendeleev, Witte, Vernadsky et al., This book is a universal primer on economics, philosophy, history, and a number of scientific disciplines and for didactic and highly moral education of youth. Review of the book you'll find here:
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