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Transerfing should be viewed as a holistic, integrated system, which has three main components: how to think, how to eat, how to move.

Thinking - this is your way of interacting with a mirror of the world, that is, what kind of image you are building in front of it, and how to react to what is happening in the reflection. Power - is that part in yourself - the food and information. The movement includes your lifestyle - active or inactive, as well as your ability to treat your body and energy.

The first component, known to all as a classic Transerfing, set out in the five-volume "Transerfing reality." Recently, however, are becoming increasingly important second and third, because only the first one is not enough. You can not just "go for a walk" and build yourself a reality to your taste and color. Energy and awareness are not enough. Of course, visualization will work anywhere it does not go anywhere, but to drive like a lucid dream a reality, it is required to have a free mind and a powerful energy.

Fundamentals of the second and third components are described in the book "Apocryphal Transerfing." The point is that, in the existing system (matrix), which robs you of energy and consciousness, to be at the same time unattached to it.
From the producer

All of what will be discussed in this book will seem unusual, uncharacteristic for the esoteric, and even unrelated to Transerfing management techniques like reality. But perhaps that is what will allow you to finally wake up in the dream reality and see: who you are, where you are and why you're here. This information, despite its apparent simplicity, is even more closed to the general public than any secret knowledge. Therefore, the present trend in Transerfing can be considered in the most esoteric esoterica.

If you do take the plunge from the general system, you will be outside of the matrix. You will begin to do much at all so, like everyone else, and you will have something that others do not. First, what do you do, it will surprise you. Then you will begin to surprise, discouraging and even annoy others. And then around, looking at what's going on with you will take with you an example.
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