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The book "The light of the soul" refers to the section "Know yourself." The book is laid out practices in the field of esoteric psychology and healing, which will give you the skills to succeed in the field is necessary for you. Popular and in a simple, accessible manner as in the encyclopedia, cover such topics:

> spirit is born; as the spirit itself creates the material body, and why he is doing, why we are on this planet;

> why we humans are arranged inside the same, but completely different in our destiny; How is the harmonization of the work of seven thin bodies of man, and how each of these bodies is itself a manifestation of the etheric body in the chakras (lamps);

> an exercise that will help ignite the seven lamps;

> yang (give energy) and yin (the power receiving) organs of the physical body, and how the harmonization work in the body between the organs;

> an exercise that will help save the ethereal life force and "cause the nerves in order";

> phenomenon of "vampire-donor" how to learn to harmonize the space, and the flow of energy;

> an exercise for the development of higher astral body;

> exercise, developing higher mental body;

> an exercise for the development of the throat center;

> aura and influence of colors on our clothes


> power of thought and expression, psychic energy, exercise, developing the power of words;

> harmonious union of man and woman, the family, harmonious sexual relations in the family, birth control, abortion, and the theme is all about how to avoid it and what to do when an abortion is the only way to survive;

> how to find a partner, and how to be, if there is no partner on the issue of masturbation; - What is the law of sowing and reaping, and how the law leads us to the right place at the right time, the lessons of life of the soul;

> child and the relationship between the generations, exercise: Children - your friends;

> esoteric view of the problem of death, which is death?

>ezotericheskoe healing and healing history, causes of suffering, what dangers are irritation, fear and vanity, self-healing methods, the cell - a reasonable part of our "I";

>metody cleansing apartment from negative emanations apartment - a home, where he lives, our soul, and how to make it comfortable and cozy in the apartment, tips and practical exercises

> prayers and affirmations, filled with vitality that help ignite the light of the soul, and to bring everything you need for living in this reality;

> verses of the author, and much more.
Practical exercises are:

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Здравствуйте! Я из Казахстана. Очень переживала, действительно ли получу эту книгу, при электронном платеже. Все очень быстро загрузилось. Документ в ворде. Я очень довольна! Т.к. книги Свет души нет в нашем регионе, и даже заказать ее невозможно. Я очень рада! Благодарю!