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O. Savelyev Invalidity of transactions in the civil circulation. Theory and practice: Diss. ... Cand. jurid. Sciences. - Ryazan: Ryazan State Pedagogical University. SA Esenina, 2003. - 180 p.



Chapter 1. The main problems of invalidity of transactions

1.1. Substantiation of application design "invalid transaction"

1.2. Null and voidable transaction: difficulties law enforcement

1.3. Civil-law regulation invalid and failed deals

Chapter 2. Certain types of invalid transactions in law enforcement

2.1. Problems of practical application of article 168 of the Civil Code

2.1.1. Grounds for the application of Article 168 of the Civil Code

2.1.2. The plaintiffs in the suit, and the suit negatsionnomu the application of consequences of invalidity of void transactions, considering the procedural peculiarities of this type of case

2.2. The invalidity of the transaction made with the purpose, the opposing principles of public order and morals

2.3. Civil-law regulation of invalidity of large transactions made by joint-stock companies

2.4. Problems of practical application of Articles 173, 174 of the Civil Code

Chapter 3. Consequences of the invalidity of transactions

3.1. Restitution and vindication in arbitration practice

3.2. Application forfeiture sanction under Art. 169 of the Civil Code



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