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LG Svechnikova The custom of the right of peoples of the North Caucasus in the XIX century .: Diss. ... The doctor jurid. Sciences. - M .: Moscow State Law Academy, 2003. - 340 p.



CHAPTER I. The peoples of the North Caucasus in the XIX century. Entering the North Caucasus in the administrative system of the Russian Empire

§ 1. Some historical information about the ancient history of the North Caucasus

§ 2. The entry of the North Caucasus in the Russian Empire

§ 3. Establishment of the Russian administration in the North Caucasus. Administrative reforms in the region in the XIX century.

CHAPTER II. Legal regulation of class relations

§ 1. The main categories of the free population: the legal status

§ 2. The legal status of the dependent population

CHAPTER III. The main features of the right

§ 1. Civil law

§ 2. Criminal Law

§ 3. Judicial system and legal proceedings

CHAPTER IV. The custom in the legal system

§ 1. The legal custom and customary law in the theoretical and legal studies, foreign and domestic scientific thought

§ 2. The custom in the legal system


APPENDIX. Legal Ethnology. Forms and methods of the study of traditional societies


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