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Tarasov NN Methodological problems of modern jurisprudence: Diss. ... The doctor jurid. Sciences. - Yekaterinburg: Ural State Law Academy, 2002. - 342 p.



Chapter 1. Social and cultural problems of the methodology foundation of modern jurisprudence

§ 1. Philosophical and methodological foundations of Soviet jurisprudence

§ 2. Methodological aspects of the analysis of the situation of contemporary Law

Chapter 2. Law in the context of scientific knowledge and methodological traditions

§ 1. Science and methodology: concept and main characteristics of scientific knowledge

§ 2. The problem of the methodology of science and the humanities. The ratio of jurisprudence to basic methodological traditions

§ 3. The origins and formation of modern jurisprudence

Chapter 3. Issues subject Law

§ 1. The object and subject of legal science: methodological sense of discrimination

§ 2. Legal concepts and the subject of law

§ 3. Law and legal practice: issues of evaluation criteria theoretical studies of law

Chapter 4. Problems method of jurisprudence: the instrumental aspect

§ 1. Method and methodological approach in jurisprudence

§ 2. The methodological significance of legal structures



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