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Part 1

What we do Investment

Chapter 1. We are investing in order to spend 18

To start specify personal financial goals 19

Analyze your current financial situation 20

Determine how much you are willing to allocate

to invest 22

Define a strategy and select instruments 22

Chapter 2. Is it profitable to invest in securities

Russia? 24

Chapter 3. 29 Steps investor

Chapter 4. What you should know about stocks, bonds

and options to the investor's perspective 46

Chapter 5. Taxation of private investors ... 51

Chapter 6: Two approaches to investment in the mutual fund 53

Part 2

The approach first. Fundamental

Chapter 7: 62 Rating

Chapter 8. investigate their own funds 66

Sharpe Ratio 73

Chapter 9: A little about the risks 82

Questions to the manager 86

6 Table of Contents

Interview with the manager of a mutual investment fund

"Finam First" Avrahovym Evgeny 87

Interview with the manager of a mutual investment fund

"Maxwell Capital" Sergei Usichenko 90

Interview with the manager of a mutual investment fund

"Finam MICEX Index" Dorogavtseva Sergey 98

Interview with fund managers of "Agana"

Nicholas Veledzhaninym 106

Part 3

The second approach. Technical

Chapter 10 112 Technical Analysis charts

Dow Theory consists of the following six observations 113

116 five-wave pattern

The structure of the wave 117

The formation of channels. Equality waves 118

Methods of forming the channels 118

Chapter 11. How to profit from the wave behavior

Market 124

Samples of pulses (as they evolve) 124

The indicator for the settlement of Elliott Wave.

Elliott Oscillator (MACD Histogram) 127

Application Elliott oscillator (third wave) 131

Application Elliott Oscillator (fourth wave) 131

Application Elliott Oscillator (fifth wave) 132

Use of the trend channel 133

Instead of a conclusion. Tips shareholder 136

Dictionary shareholder 137
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