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Wet VS Local government in the Russian Federation as an institution of public authorities and civil society: Diss. ... The doctor jurid. Sciences. - M .: Institute of State and Law, 2003. - 336 p.



Chapter 1. Theoretical and legal foundations of civil society

1.1. Formation of the theory of civil society in the political and legal thought

1.2. World experience of legal regulation of the foundations of civil society

1.3. The constitutional basis for the formation of civil society in the Russian Federation

1.4. Public authority in civil society: genesis and structure

Chapter 2. Basic concept of local self-government and civil society

2.1. Development of theoretical concepts of local government and self-government

2.2. Local government and civil society

Chapter 3. General characteristics of the legal foundations of the modern Russian local government

3.1. The Constitution of the Russian Federation as the basis of legal regulation of local self-government

3.2. The system of Russian legislation on local self-government: achievements and unsolved problems

3.3. The main directions of improvement of legal regulation of local self-government

Chapter 4. The institutions of direct democracy in local government system

4.1. The division of powers between the various authorities during elections

4.2. The legal status of civil initiatives in the Russian Federation

Chapter 5. The territorial basis of local government in the Russian Federation

5.1. The problems of defining the territorial level of local government

5.2. On the division of powers between the state and municipal authorities

Chapter 6. Financial and economic basis of local government in the Russian Federation

6.1. Federal law on financial and economic bases of local self-government

6.2. Intergovernmental relations and financial basis of local government

Chapter 7. The constitutional foundations of public and legal responsibility of state authorities and local self-government in the Russian Federation

7.1. The concept of public liability and its regulation rules

7.2. The legal basis for State control over standard-setting activities of the local self-government

7.3. The responsibility of local authorities for violation of legislation

7.4. Judicial review of the legality of acts of bodies of local self-government


The main sources and literature

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