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Kostylev VM Problems of the system, and formal-logical analysis of law: Diss. ... Cand. jurid. Sciences. - Ufa: Bashkir State University, 2002. - 194 p.



Chapter 1. The right to a system approach

1.1. The term "system" in the theory of law: Past and Present

1.2. System property rights

1.2.1. The right to the system

1.2.2. Terms preserve the stability of the legal system

1.2.3. The nature of the relationship of the right to the environment

1.2.4. Problems of management system of law

1.3. Unique in the legal system

Chapter 2. System Model Law and its potency

2.1. The formalization of the language rights

2.2. Logic formalization of language rights

2.3. Operations with the model elements of the legal system

2.4. The specifics of the model elements of the legal system

2.4.1. The problem of the truth of the normative statements

2.4.2. The modal nature of normative statements

2.4.3. Deontic operator in the normative statement

2.5. The verbal nature of the model systems of law


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