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Powders VA Rights to immovable property of others on the Russian civil law: Diss. ... Cand. jurid. Sciences. - M .: Institute of Law Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, 1997. - 169 p.



Chapter I. Theoretical basis of other people's rights to immovable property

§ 1. The concept of property law and its place in the civil law system

§ 2. The concept of rights to other people's things and their place in the system of civil law

§ 3. The concept of real estate

Chapter II. Certain types of rights to immovable property and other people's ways of protecting them

§ 1. The system of rights to immovable property of others

§ 2. The right of participation, with their content ownership and use of thing

§ 3. Rules for participation, allowing for the possibility of disposal of the thing

a) The right of participation, belonging to citizens

b) Rights of participation, belonging to legal entities

c) the right to participate, which may belong to both physical and legal persons

§ 4. Proprietary ways to protect other people's rights to immovable property



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