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1. The method of the preferred status

1.1 Terms of certainty

1.2 Uncertainty

1.3 Comparison of the preferred status and the current value

1.4 The role of probability

2. Pricing Model

2.1 The discount rate in the face of uncertainty

2.2 Sources of financing

2.2.1 The cost of retained (capitalized) profits

2.2.2 The theory of the value of shares

2.2.3 Change in share price

2.3 Accumulated depreciation and cost of capital

2.4 Average Cost of Capital

2.5 The optimal capital structure

2.6 The weighted average cost of capital and discount rate

2.7 Summary on the weighted average cost of capital

3. The risk-free discount rate

3.1 Discounting cash flows for ordinary shares

3.2 Adjusted present value

3.3 Three factors

3.3.1 The expected risk-adjusted

3.3.2 "antiphase" assets

3.3.3 The required rate of return

3.4 Application of the present value of risk-adjusted

4. The capital asset pricing model

4.1 Communication with the model preferred status

4.2.2 Formation of a portfolio

4.3 Investors

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