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Almost all full of people even in times of life sat on a diet, began to engage in sports, but few of them to bring the case to the bitter end. Resist the everyday pleasures can not everyone, but on the need to exercise regularly spend time. If you are seriously address the problem of excess weight, then you need to have patience and hard to follow the procedure known nutritionist, an expert of many television programs A.V.Kovalkova. This system is not only effective, but also safe for health, it is checked by many people in different countries and on the doctor himself: he has lost 70 kg in just 7 months. The book is designed for the thinking reader, who is not looking for another "senseless diet", and wants to once and for all to understand the reasons of its completeness. In it, he tells about the basic laws of proper nutrition and healthy lifestyles, proving scientifically their effects on weight and giving advice on the use of this knowledge in everyday life.

The book tells the story of some patients, the doctor, they share their experiences and successes, but they are not everything went smoothly. However, they have achieved their goal. Once they were able to, so can you!
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