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Erokhov SV European Parliament. The evolution of the legal status and competence: Diss. ... Cand. jurid. Sciences. - M .: Moscow State Institute of International Relations of the Russian Federation, 1995. - 128 p.



Chapter I. Parliamentarism in the conditions of the European Union

1.1. The evolution of the European Union

1.2. The legal nature of the European Union

1.3. Formation of the concept of parliamentarism

1.4. The representative body of European integration association

Chapter II. The legal status of the European Parliament

2.1. The structure and procedures of the

2.2. The relationship with the national parliaments of the EU

2.3. Budgetary Authority

2.4. Interaction with the central institutions of the European Union

2.5. The role and place of the European Parliament in the foreign policy mechanism of the European Union

2.6. Major trends in the European Parliament


Appendix 1. The number of members of the European Parliament

Annex 2. List of the committees of the European Parliament

Appendix 3. The political groups of the European Parliament


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