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Shestakova EV Model legislation. Theoretical and legal aspects and practice of application: Diss. ... Cand. jurid. Sciences. - M .: Russian Academy of Justice, 2006. - 203 p.



Chapter 1. Understanding and characterization of model legislation

§ 1.1. The concept of model legislation

§ 1.2. The evolution of the rules of model legislation

§ 1.3. The content of the norms of model legislation

Chapter 2. Content and use of model laws in national legislation

§ 2.1. The development of model laws

§ 2.2. Using the model legislation in the CIS countries

§ 2.3. International practice of

Chapter 3. The current state of the model legislation: analysis and proposals for improvement

§ 3.1. Assessment of positive and negative properties of the model legislation

§ 3.2. Problems of implementation of model laws into national legislation of the CIS countries

§ 3.3. Recommendations to improve the practical application of model legislation



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