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Guidelines for protection from dog attacks.
You go down the street and suddenly a dog rushes at you. Is this possible? Unfortunately, very possible. In any city CIS annually seek medical hundreds of people affected by the dog's teeth and claws. And how much does not go ?!

Dogs in modern times, villagers and townspeople built a huge amount. Times are tough, people greatly feared for their lives, property, rights. Therefore, armed with whatever they can. And the dog - it all, from head to tail, living weapon. While relatively inexpensive and permission for its acquisition is not required, and that other citizens go under the protection of his hounds everywhere. Even in places of public entertainment. The latter, incidentally, is prohibited in all civilized countries, but we are, as we know, not one of them.

Of course, your host or hostess zavsegda each dog. So in fact there is only one host. The rest of the people for any skunk more enemies than friends. So, each of you must know how to protect themselves from other pets.

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