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This parser written in order and nowhere posted in public view.

Resale of this product is strictly prohibited.

The parser information about the organizations located in the directory

Purposefully taken information about the organization (address, phone, and so on. Etc. ...)

The ability to parse both lokalki and from any host. Full speed "sparshivaniya" a region of about 5 minutes. Each region receives about 1,500 categories and about 10,000 organizations. This information parser neatly placed in a database MySQL. Zazipovannaya base one region weighs approximately 500 kb. And then it is easy to import into the engine DLE. Next comes the turn grabber. We set the region, ask some or all rubrics region. Specifies the length of time after which will be published each subsequent news (for example, you can set the interval from 10 minutes to an hour and each subsequent news will be published via the Randomly amount of time in this interval). Also specify how much of the news from each column will be taken. 0 - it means everything. Then do unikalizatsiyu content (takes 2-3 minutes the whole process (explained in the manual)).

And as a result we get a great site for search engines and UNIQUE avtonapolnyayuschiysya gradually providing more and more frequent visits to the robot pages. E. For Yandex and other PS This website will look absolutely SOM, and even constantly updated.

The ideal choice for traders on the reference markets. These sites are easy to take, even trustlinks.

Also interested can sell a unique method NOPUBLIC capacity TCI (permanently and 100%). This method used by force of 10-15 people in RuNet and Public certainly he never will. But it's a different story.
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