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Your attention is the practice to work on yourself.

Many years of experience in healing work proved the effectiveness of the method of forgiveness.

This is a fairly easy way to solve problems in the life and health.

After becoming acquainted with the material, you will do what it says.

The material is presented as easy as possible and shorter, but it does not affect the quality of practice.

Even the understanding of the mechanism of work has no value, although familiarity with it can not hurt.

Practice forgiveness will help you get back on the Path of Love and Prosperity.

Good luck.
A few simple examples of analyzing the situation.

1.Deti family fight, or the child is not controlled.

It is a measure of tension between the child's parents. It is useless to create the appearance of well-being and to hide from themselves, the child feels everything very well. Take that as a hint to the action and apply the practice of forgiveness. Changes in a child will see as soon as the first day.

2.Muzhchina abuse alcohol. He lives in an apartment with his wife, daughter and her mother. The situation is tense to the limit.

He plays the role of teacher for their women. Will drink as long as they do not forgive their parents. The first of their fathers, and he was my mother. Mom makes the situation worse insult to the husband who abandoned them. And the reaction of his wife exactly copies the relationship of her parents.

3.Molodaya family lives in a family of their parents. There is no way to disperse.

Everyone goes lessons relations. After practicing forgiveness is not clear from which there are variants, and the housing problem is solved. Remember, practice is necessary to begin with their parents.

4.Privyazka the dead. Always dream come deceased loved ones.

Read forgiveness!

5.Nelzya skip topics such as jealousy, unrequited love, a love triangle, etc.

Read forgiveness!

The various case studies can lead a lot. And all boil down to one: see forgiveness.
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