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Practical Guide "WE - the creator." Elena Kaplan.

Having mastered even the method of 1-2 of our benefits, you can:

His imagination, your thoughts influence your body to improve health, manage their health and control the physical form.

Everything in our life is controlled by consciousness and intention. Intention influences virtually every cell of our body. Intention creates emotion - a wave of energy, momentum, or a force that causes the intention into action.

You do not need to torture the body of diets and drugs, it is necessary to work on his mind. We are forming our consciousness about their business, thoughts, words, emotions, desires and passions.

Changing consciousness, you are able to regain their health and give up what is harmful. In addition, it is better to work on strengthening the physical body.

Everyone having their own abilities, choose the methods with which it is easier to work, or come up with your own. We have gathered together so many different techniques for what you were able to choose what suits you personally.


2. "The rescue and harmonious development."

3.RABOTA over consciousness.

4.VHOD in the works. FORMULATION PURPOSE. A successful formula. OUT OF WORK.

5.SPASENIE AND TREATMENT words. Control word. Enhance immunity word - "immunity". WORK with the word "savior", "rescue", "harmony," "eternity", "infinity".

6. Use COLOR to treat or solving problems. Diagnostics with white. FOCUS ON FLOWERS busting. COLOR, render curative influence. INFLUENCE different colors on the human condition.

7. Work with the flow of Light.

8.FANTOM. Options for dealing with phantoms.

9.Prosto geometric shapes INFORMATION. Information translated ILLNESS health information. Geometric shapes FOR TREATMENT OF CERTAIN DISEASES concentration method. WORK TECHNOLOGY CO sphere.

10.Sozdanie cells Savior.

11.SOZDANIE Authority.

12.KONTUR eternity.

13.UPRAVLENIE at a critical moment.

14.YA save the world.

15.IZMENENIE consciousness.

16.RESHENIE questions and concerns.

17.BOLEZNI of the circulatory system.


19.METOD materialization superconcentration SUBSTANCE

20.METOD DISCONTINUED colds in the beginning.


22.DVE sphere with one center.

23.UPRAVLENIE with spheres.

24.METODY CONCENTRATION information management and healing the sick.

25.VOSSTANOVLENIE from the disease by thought.

26.RABOTA with numerical series. Methods of work with numerical series.


28.NEKOTORYE number series from the book "RESTORATION OF HUMAN BODY concentration on the number of"

29.RABOTA with time.

30.PUT eternity.

31.ISPRAVLENIE past. Establish equilibrium.

32.PROGRAMMA TRANSFORMATION (THE ROAD TO ETERNITY) and methods of planning the way.

33.RABOTA with archival counterparts.

34.RABOTA at rejuvenation and regeneration

35.TELO - is part of the soul.

And all the other 55 points

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