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Description: This collection includes 50 recipes from the kitchen of different kebabs


Methods of cooking kebabs are with special applications such as

GOVERNMENTAL devices or improvised means and can be implemented in

hiking, and rest in the country, and even in the city

apartment. It contains recipes from simple to quite sophisticated

dishes that can satisfy the needs of any person.


Mutton kebab

1. In Adygeisk 8

2. Azeri (amateur) 8

3. Armenian-Kara on 8

4. African-style 9

5. Balkarian 9

6. Bulgarian 9

7. Bulgarian with courgettes 10

8. In Gelendzhik 10

9. Georgian (mtsvadi in eggplants) 11

10. Georgian 11

11. In the Dagestani 12

12. Indian-12

13. 13-Caucasian

14. Kazakh (Tostik) 13

15. Kara 14

16. In Lezginskie 14

17. Average 14

18. In hunting 15

19. In the Tat (kebab) 15

20. cross-legged with eggplant 16

21. Turkish rice 16

22. Uzbek 17

Kebabs BEEF

And veal

23. Balkan 18

24. Banquet Kazakh 18

25. mignon (basturma) 18

26. Georgian (long mtsvadi) 19

27. Lithuanian (Gintaras) 19

28. Uzbek 20



29. Home-21

30. Macedonian (ralenichi) 21

31. Kurgan 22

32. Moldovan (costita) 22


33. Of the 23 ribs kid

Skewers of meat


34. From the meat of wild boar ... 24

35. Of the 24 wild goat meat

36. Venison 24

Skewers of Leaver

37. Of the 26 sheep liver

38. Lamb kidneys 26

39. beef liver 26

40. The North 27

41. Of the 27 pig kidney

42. calf liver 27

Skewers of BIRDS

43. Chicken "Excellent" 29

44. Of the 29 duck

45. Of the 29 chicken ventricles

Skewers of FISH

46. \u200b\u200bVariety of sea fish 30

47. Of the 30 river fish

48. Of the 30 fish tubules

49. From 31 walleye

50. Pike 31


Shish kebab is a favorite dish of almost all mountain

and pastoral peoples, as in the present conditions, he received

widely used in the widest circles of the population.

Draws in shashlik simplicity and accessibility in prigotovle-

SRI, the possibility of using a wide variety of meat

products, excellent taste, nutritional value. The culture

tour of different nations has its own notion of barbecue. Thus, it

translated as "fried food without water", "skewer" and so on. e., that

can in some cookbooks Therefore treat it

notion widely.

At the same time the core of the domestic literature

cooking kebab concept quite settled and below

It refers to a meat dish made from the main types

rows of meat (lamb, beef, pork, kozlyati-

us, the meat of wild animals, birds, fish offal and flesh) to

closed fire (over hot coals in a grill, electricity

Barbecue and so on. d.) by a special technology to use

tion of certain devices (skewers, skewers, vertices

body, BBQ, grill and so on. d.). This concept will be used

vatsya in this book.

Consider the basic technology and components for the Examples

prepara- kebabs. You must first choose myasopro-

ucts. The meat should be of high quality as possible - may

lodyh animals or meat with incremental slices bacon

or fat. Meat young animals can be used for

cooking kebabs without additional operations (Marie

Considerations), and if it is marinated, then a short time and,

usually without acetic acid. Usually no marinated meat poultry

Tzu and fish pieces. At the same time in many recipes to

further saturate the meat juice, give it the necessary

my taste, provided marinating. The marinade is prepared in accordance

ance with the recipe, its composition in the preparation of meat for shash-

bast possible need to change. Meat stand in Marie

Nadia from 15 minutes to a day or more, which should be considered. If

fried meat without the marinade, it is usually small pieces of meat ob-

McEwan in vegetable oil, or
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