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Designed for students entering the universities of Kazakhstan, as well as for pupils and students of the Kazakh language.

The program provides an opportunity to test the 30 options, each of which has 30 questions (total 900 questions). In response to the current question of the test will need to select one answer among the five presented. Upon completion of the test results are saved. You can view the correct answers. The program in the Kazakh language.

First you download the program for free with incomplete features - DEMO-version (only 30 test questions): (556 KB)

During each run the DEMO-version of the program will display a passkey (a combination of numbers) on which to complete the operation of the program need to enter the activation keys.

After payment (purchase) you polouchite E-MAIL and codewords. This code word you need to send a letter to the address E-MAIL, to the letter and you must make the access key. During the day on your e-mail address (your e-mail) you will receive an access key.
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