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$500 the discount is 20%
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LIFETIME WARRANTY means the replacement of a non-work item at ANY time, not just in the first 30 minutes after purchase

After the purchase you are guaranteed to get your account details to enter Origin, where Battlefield 1 is guaranteed, if there are other games on the account, they are a bonus!

Battlefield ™ 1 immerses you in the era of the First World War, when new technologies and a global conflict forever changed the principles of military affairs. Participate in every battle, control every huge machine, perform maneuvers that change the outcome of the whole battle. The whole world is engulfed in war. Find out what awaits you on the front line.


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• Lifetime warranty for the replacement of not a work item, but not only in the first 30 minutes after purchase
• Account No return (Replace only if not valid).
• No access to mail
• The change of all data is carried out by the buyer (if possible).
• Language selection is NOT carried out
06.02.2018 0:55:09
13.01.2018 14:55:40
scammer seller ordered 2 account and none of them are working sent the saller and never replace
31.12.2017 14:05:25
20.12.2017 21:55:26
14.12.2017 18:15:25
Good seller.
25.11.2017 19:58:39
21.11.2017 20:37:01
Все отлично ,спасибо!
19.11.2017 11:53:54
Nice !
16.11.2017 21:03:56
Yes account is have a battlefield 1
14.11.2017 0:47:15
I get this account for battlefiel1 and I am very happy have in 3 game too :) thank you seller <3

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