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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$10 the discount is 3%
$20 the discount is 4%
$30 the discount is 5%
$40 the discount is 6%
$50 the discount is 7%
$100 the discount is 10%
$200 the discount is 15%
$1000 the discount is 25%
$5000 the discount is 30%
We are glad that you visited the page of these goods!

Study information before purchase!

Right after payment you obtain data for an input in the license account Origin on which next games are activated:

Data always in the form of login@mail:password or login:password

What to do after receiving goods:

1. You load from the official site the client of Origin
2. You set the client of Origin
3. You will become authorized with data retrieveds in Origin
4. You change all data for the (if change of data is available)
5. From Origin library you load a game necessary to you
6. After a disposable load the label for start of a game will appear on your desktop

It is possible to replace data on the acquired account if there is an access to mail or the response to a confidential question is known

√ If the response to a confidential question is known to us - we surely present him
√ Access to mail isn´t provided, but often it matches dataful for an input in the account
√ If there is no access to mail or not the response to a confidential question is not the base for changeover
√ If in the name to goods it is specified that there is a response to a confidential question - it it will be mandatory

On the account it is guaranteed:
√ Absence of checks in a game (Punk Buster)
√ Absence of any game restrictions
√ Absence of any restrictions for an input in the account

In separate games absence of Russian in subtitlings or a postscoring as not all publishers of games completely localize games is possible
03.08.2018 7:37:36
спасибо за игру все норм
06.06.2018 6:14:49
все отлично!
01.11.2017 12:20:50
Замена прошла успешно, рекомендую
29.10.2017 23:25:50
15.10.2017 22:45:06
bidiful thanks
15.10.2017 11:25:34
все поменяли ,
03.10.2017 0:04:54
Всё отлично! Первый аккаунт не работал, но продавец быстро поменял! Советую.
02.10.2017 16:24:19
все топ!
01.10.2017 4:11:19
23.09.2017 15:14:38
good seller

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