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When buying this product you will instantly get a license Steep account (uPlay). </ Delivery>after the purchase data from the account will automatically come to your e-mail. </ Attention>On many accounts, there are other games, these games are a bonus. </ Delivery>Access to e-mail is not available. Account information can not be changed
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Ride on a huge open world of the Alps and Alaska, where the snow is always fresh, and the race never ends. Throw a challenge and conquer the legendary mountain skiing, wingsuit, snowboarding and paragliding. Play alone or ride side by side with the other players. Record and share the most crazy ever imprinted tricks, offer the world to beat your best tricks, ride on their own tracks and worry again its most dramatic fall.
This mountain was created to ensure that you have investigated it. So wear your seat belts, put on suits and start the descent.
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19.02.2018 17:57:54
Всё отлично!
16.02.2018 19:58:54
it works good
07.02.2018 18:14:54
Все хорошо! покупайте не пожалеете!
28.01.2018 10:36:40
Всё супер
18.01.2018 15:59:19
14.01.2018 6:36:25
Спс , очень вкусно )))
14.01.2018 6:30:54
Спасибо , еще не поставил, но уверен , что все тип топ будет
07.01.2018 14:32:25
Всё прекрасно работает, в добавок немного других игр. Спасибо, рекомендую
20.09.2017 20:47:12
very good seller reliable and active :)
12.09.2017 11:25:50
it works

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