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------------- ATTENTION --------------------------
After purchase you will receive an account with Origin this game.
The answer to your secret question, we do not offer!
By purchasing this product you receive guaranteed:
+ Account Origin - with a license to play it (login, password)
+ All the accounts are checked for the ban, and validity before sale
+ In case of questions you can ask the seller
+ Present on the account the presence of other games

If the problems identified do the replacement in the event of:
- After making a purchase - it was a non-business account, with your videos or screen shots (because we guarantee that workers accounts)
- If you have stolen account - correctly, contact your dealer, succinctly Explain to your problem, we will help you.

This product is distributed by digital distribution and does not contain frames and drives.
What to do after purchase?

1) Carefully read the description and recommendations and follow them.
2) Download / install origin -
3) Authorize in the Origin client.
4) Download game - play.
15.08.2018 10:56:24
09.08.2018 6:59:08
08.04.2018 18:57:24
Всё найс!!!
08.04.2018 18:54:36
Продавец крутой даёт замену когда невалид все чики-пуки!!!
07.04.2018 19:04:08
все гуд
16.02.2018 22:10:52
16.02.2018 22:10:30
16.02.2018 15:01:20
16.02.2018 10:49:09
11.02.2018 0:24:39
на аккаунте сменили пароль, продавец выдал замену , спасибо рекомендую

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