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When buying this product you will instantly get a license account Titanfall 2 (Origin). </ Delivery>after the purchase data from the account will automatically come to your e-mail. </ Attention>On many accounts, there are other games, these games are a bonus. </ Delivery>Access to email and the answer to the secret question are not available. Account information can not be changed </ attention>deliveryBy buying this product you receive a free promo code for 15% discount on the next purchase for the entire range! </ Delivery>Attention*********************************************** **************
Game description:
Titanfall 2 - Network sci-fi first-person shooter with elements of fur simulation, developed by US company Respawn Entertainment. Published Games - Electronic Arts.
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* Lifetime warranty on the replacement product is not working, and not just in the first 30 minutes of purchase
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29.03.2017 8:12:28
Все есть гуд продавцу респект !
29.03.2017 3:18:10
28.03.2017 20:27:17
Акк огонь)
28.03.2017 7:41:24
Продавец незамедлительно заменил товар,респект!
26.03.2017 23:00:52
26.03.2017 8:45:56
Все есть гуд
25.03.2017 12:56:10
Хорошо! Попался акк, но заменили! Спс
25.03.2017 11:24:04
Сделка прошла успешно! Рекомендую!
25.03.2017 0:35:15
Good seller, i had issue but solved!
24.03.2017 18:43:31
Доступ к аккаунту получил, всё ок. Спасибо продавцу!

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