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Need for Speed ​​sample of 2015 is positioned by the authors as a full-fledged restart of the series. At the same time, the project is the spiritual heir of a number of old parts - first of all, Need for Speed: Underground and its sequel.

In the center of attention are the furious races on the night streets and, of course, the chases with the police, which in recent years have become the calling card of the Need for Speed ​​franchise.

The game world will be completely open and accessible for research, and its area is almost twice as large as the one from Need for Speed ​​Rivals.

However, the key feature of the new game will be not so much a return to the topic of night street racing, as the possibility of tuning cars. Your attention will be presented to several hundred parts (from bumpers and disks to tires and silencers), with which you can give your iron horse a unique look.

It goes without saying that players will be able to not only visual tuning of cars, but also the possibility of changing internal parts that have a direct impact on the behavior of the car in the conditions of the race.
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Good game!
29.05.2017 19:47:43
Хоть и в какой раз мне попадается аккаунт с NFS с английской локализацией, все же продавец очень отзывчивый!
28.05.2017 17:32:19
Thanks . its true
28.05.2017 10:27:46
Лучший! Купил акк, все рабочее. Спасибо!
23.05.2017 19:26:38
Всё оперативно, очень доволен. Спасибо
21.05.2017 20:00:36
Все замечательно, только версия игры английская
21.05.2017 19:16:19
Продавец очень хороший, стоит на стороне покупателя
14.05.2017 1:33:37
13.05.2017 19:57:52
вроде все норм, время покажет!
12.05.2017 6:37:51
Все отлично товар получил, сделал все по инструкции. теперь качаю игру
11.05.2017 8:58:55
Товар отличный. Быстро получил все данные и поменял на свои.

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