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Buying this product you will receive:
✅ Game account Origin with the game:
✅ Dragon Age: Inquisition
✅ Data type: login: password
✅ "GUARANTEE" for the purchased goods (in case of problems, please contact the PERSONAL CORRESPONDENCE).
✅ Good mood for a low price!

❗ Language in game - English
❗ Access to the mail - do not provide!
❗ An answer from a secret question - we do not provide!
❗ Any other games on the account go as a bonus, but the performance of these games is not guaranteed.
❗ Make sure your computer meets the minimum requirements for the game.

Dragon Age: Inquisition - a large-scale role-playing game, which continues the plot of the first two parts of the series.
The game takes place a few years after the end of Dragon Age 2 - the world is enveloped in the flame of a new war between magicians and templars, and the protagonist - the commander of the Inquisition - has to solve not only this problem, but also to stop the invasion of demons, understand the intricacies of palace intrigues, and make much more.
What to do after purchase?
1⃣ download / install Origin -
2⃣ Log in client Origin
3⃣ Download game - play

I bought the game, where can I get it?
1⃣ After payment of goods data instantly and automatically come to you in the mail.
2⃣ Also you can find data on purchased website under "My Purchases".
3⃣ input data is represented in the form - login: password!

What is a "WARRANTY"? - If you have any problems accessing your account, you will get a replacement.
The warranty is valid for 3 months from the date of purchase!
30.04.2018 15:55:07
Отличный продавец, гарантии, качество, все на уровне!
06.03.2018 18:01:49
Очень ответственный продавец!Отзывчивый и к тому же очень быстро решает возникшие проблемы)
08.02.2018 20:40:04
Продавец быстро уладил неполадку, очень доволен сервисом
27.01.2018 19:40:35
дождался замены
продавец красавчик
26.01.2018 14:38:27
Продавец надежный давал 2 раза замену очень ему благодарен
24.01.2018 23:31:14
Отличный продавец .
23.01.2018 21:47:27
в первый раз не заработало, потом связался с продавцом и он выслал новые данные и все зашло
06.01.2018 23:59:12
Все хорошо! Спс за оперативный ответ!
31.12.2017 13:49:48
Крутой продавец, спасибо за приятный бонусы. Всем советую!..
05.12.2017 13:39:46
Сначала не подошли данные и буквально через пару часов продавец предоставил новые логи. Советую.