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Battlefield 1 - multiplayer shooter, dedicated to the events of the First World War. Players are expected to battle up to 64 players in a variety of locations, including the captured French city, the Italian Alps and the Arabian deserts. There will be various techniques: tanks, motorcycles, biplanes, battleships. </ attention>
Buying this product, you instantly receive a licensed account BATTLEFIELD 1 ULTIMATE
After the purchase, the data from the account will automatically come to your email address.
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After purchase you get:
✔ Login and Password + SECRET or no secret will be installed
✖ We do not provide data from mail
✔ Many accounts have additional games, such games are considered a bonus!
✔ In case of problems with the product, you can contact the seller and you will be happy to help!
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1. Our warranty provides an opportunity to replace the product in case of any problems.
2. Constant support and assistance on any issues.
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After the purchase:
➤ Download / install Origin -
➤ Log in to the Origin.
➤ Download the game and run.
17.12.2018 13:43:34
16.12.2018 19:38:58
Не рабочий акк!
15.12.2018 19:31:20
09.12.2018 15:45:34
все топ)
05.12.2018 23:15:18
why always going you acc ? i change everything
01.12.2018 23:14:07
26.11.2018 17:50:21
Всё гуд
24.11.2018 23:17:13
Советую тут покупать т.к. если аккаунт восстановят выдадут рабочую замену!
24.11.2018 12:08:32
Don´t buy this Thief’s accounts.
18.11.2018 14:51:45
Nice seller

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